Project Genesis: The Gathering of Superheroes

The Gathering Of Superheroes
I am Walter Bruce Stiles, pin name W. B. Stiles. I have written a novel with a contemporary look at a group of super people and how they would operate in today’s society. Also, it is about a reporter who was saved by one of the superheroes and her continuing story dealing with the trauma of her near-death experience and then trying to find the identity of the one who saved her.

The story takes place in the great Northwest near Seattle and involves the volcano at Mount Rainier and malevolent forces that would attempt to kill hundreds of thousands of people to gain power and control society. This different view of how things would be if super people really had to operate in a world that no longer believes in the supernatural or miracles. Other dimensions and realities are explored in the novel “Project Genesis: The Gathering of Superheroes“.

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Paperback: 218 pages: $8.99
Hardcover: 218 pages; $14.95
Publisher: Authors Press (June 11, 2018)
Language: English

The US Review Of Books
Book review by Donna Ford

“Our people have prophesied…engineered human DNA to bring about the Omni child. He would lead humanity to man’s age of prosperity. It was his destiny.”
Two gifted children were born. John Tomar’s father was a Native American, claiming to have found the water of life and living hundreds of years since. Joshua Starr was born to a Chicago tycoon who consulted with the dark side. In their twenties, each son began to use his amazing mental and physical powers. That’s how John found Seattle reporter, Jane Watkins, in an alleyway searching for the identity of a serial killer known as the Slasher. Knife-wielding Nash, controlled by a demon, attacked her. John healed Jane’s near-fatal wound, then freed Nash of a class 2 evil spirit.

John’s father knew that the time for action had come. He assembled a band of men and women from around the world, each with superhuman abilities. At Tomar’s mansion, they practiced extending their limits as they ran, lifted weights, threw fire, and applied forces to subdue attackers. In an attempt to gain control of the entire northwest, Joshua Starr planned to trigger an earthquake from inside Mt. Rainer. On its wintry slopes, good prevailed against evil in the first battle of Project Genesis.

Stiles wrote this fantasy novel using as a plotline the classic battle between two forces with divergent agendas for mankind’s future. Setting the story location in America’s northwest, he opts to use a Native American as his main character. A second classic theme—the discovery of the water of life with wondrous properties of longevity and strength—creates a formula for statistics reminiscent of The Bionic Man and Wonder Woman. The author expertly handles conversation as a tool to reveal character and motivation. This method should easily carry on the story into the second book promised for the series. Plenty of action and loose ends in this exciting novel should entice a reader back for more.