Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind

Who Am I? The Gospel Truth
Many people are perplexed at their life and rarely find fulfillment. People do not always see the truth available to them; this is why I created this resource to help those who honestly are seeking to find fulfillment and purpose in being. I have felt the frustrations in living myself and always wanted someplace I could go to reflect on the conflicts in life.

Truth is not an elusive or relative concept; it is obtainable and reachable in this existence. Read the thoughts on these pages, and together we will take part in living the journey of human life on earth.

I do not use words like truth or joy lightly. I have tested their meaning in the light of a walk with God that has satisfied me enough to believe I can help others by pointing them to the God of the Bible. I am convinced that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can help all who seek Him with an open heart. Jesus came to earth to show us the Way and that is what I write about in these pages.

I have been writing for over twenty years about the subjects I love but the greatest subject of all is the truth of God and His relationship with man and woman. I gently and respectfully ask you to consider the possibilities in a relationship with the creator of the universe. It is not myself that will ultimately convince you of the truth of the divine influence of God but He will through his Holy Spirit if you seek him honestly.

W. B. Stiles

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I was lying down under the late-night sky not too long ago when I realized if science is correct the light from the stars I saw traveled many years to get to me. It made me feel small in the immense size of the universe. As I was trying to comprehend this I saw the lights from a flying jetliner overhead, and I wondered how complex the lives of each individual were on board and if they considered how precious and special their lives really are. There is so much being done today to cheapen the human life experience. The result is men and women do not live life to the fullest.

Life is an adventure and a challenge, just when you have it figured out something comes along you did not prepare for. Life in the light of truth is a great teacher. Because of this, we should go through life without apprehension and fear. The challenge of living is for those who are alive and participate in the vitality of living and it is exhilarating to be alive. Life is not meant to be lived with dread and fear. Truth is the key that reveals the way. The fear of a dark room is gone when there is light, and the truth hidden by the darkness is revealed. Likewise, there are undeniable, universal truths about life that expose the dark side in the struggle of living. Knowledge of the truth gives us the freedom to make choices in life that benefit us and those around us.

In many ways, we are the center of the universe on earth. So many things in our world that have happened in the past and even the events of the present will affect the universe, as we know it. We are all a collective part of this; no man or woman is an island standing alone. Three main questions people have asked since the beginning of human inquiry; Who am I? What am I doing here? And how do I live with these people around me? The answers to these questions play a role in justifying our existence. Something in all men and women reaches out to be fulfilled and find meaning in life.

There is an invisible hand in our lives, one of optimism and hope. This force seeks the best for us. If we could hear and understand this entity like tuning in a radio channel we would know there are ways to answer the questions of life. But must become a child again and listen with our heart and an open mind. Let him who has an ear HEAR.